Evan Roberts' Chapel (1903-1904)


Roberts now had to pass the Provincial Exam that was to take place in August. Robert’s was concerned during the time of study for these exams, because more often than not he found the desire to pray stronger than the desire to study. However, he did manage to pass the exam. Next, he had to decide whether to go forward for further study or begin preaching immediately. This decision involved quite a struggle, but he eventually decided to go to the Grammar School in Newcastle Emlyn to gain more knowledge to do his Master’s work. His tutor was John Phillips for the six weeks he was at the school. Phillips found his pupil to be of above average ability and was very impressed by him. However, Robert’s started to miss many of the lessons, because he needed to pray and read the Bible.

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Another important link in the chain was Seth Joshua. Joshua was converted in a Salvation Army meeting and he immediately set about saving souls. He would go any place where the lost were and many came to the Lord through his ministry. He did mission after mission and on September 18th 1904 he arrived at New Quay where he found ‘a remarkable revival spirit’. He was there for a week of remarkable meetings and around forty gave their lives to Jesus. He then left for his next mission in Newcastle Emlyn.

At the same school as Robert’s was his friend Sydney Evans, who was to play such an important role in the Revival. He went to Joshua’s meeting where he fell under severe conviction and after a battle, he gave himself unreservedly to Christ. The meetings took two or three days to get going, but the breakthrough came and there was much blessing.


Additional Information

This chapel has been converted into flats.