Jubilee Primitive Chapel Durham (1872)

One of the most powerful examples of how Durham could be moved occurred in the early seventies, when John Taylor was superintendent. Revival services were conducted by Miss Hyde in Jubilee Chapel, and precisely the same scenes were witnessed as had taken place at Middle Rainton. The chapel was crowded every night, people travelling from all the country round, and many were converted. It was such a season as had never been experienced in the city before. Students from the University attended the services nightly. Men and women fell down as if dead. Some ran along the pew tops with perfect facility; others walked about as if in a hypnotised condition. When Mr Taylor went to Durham he determined to make things move; they did move after a fashion which even that ardent soul could not have conjectured.

‘Northern Primitive Methodism’ by W M Patterson, published 1909, page

Additional Information

Iceland now stands where Jubilee Chapel was.

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