Allendale (1825)

While the names of such places as Nenthead, Garrigill, and Allenheads are found in the early books of the Barnard Castle branch, no mention is made of Alston, which, as is well known in the North, is the highest market town in England, and in a hilly district, forming the point of juncture between the Nent and the Tyne. But while the Barnard Castle missionaries had penetrated to within five miles of it, Alston had been missioned from another direction. William Garner was there in 1823, and he was not the first from the Hexham branch, which then stretched from Tynehead above Alston, to Dunston, close to Gatcshead, a distance of forty-five miles. In 1825 Alston and Allendale were visited with a wave of revival power, and upwards of a hundred united with the former society in three months. "The Lord is extending our borders," reports John Garner, "and opening our way in Alston Moor and East and West Allendale." Joseph Grieves did a good work in 1826-7, and during John Flesher s term, 1827-9, crowds rushed to hear him.

‘Northern Primitive Methodism’ by W M Patterson, published in 1909, p173.

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