Alston (1891)

Yet another remarkable revival season this time at Alston was experienced in the winter of 1891. Miss Bulmer was the missioner, and she was accompanied by Miss Flora Walton (Mrs. Ridley). Miss Walton sang gospel solos, and the sweetly cultured tones and powerful expression with which they were given no doubt led many a soul to a better life. There had been trouble in the Alston society, and it was in a low condition. For a few nights the work was very hard; but during an all-night of prayer there "came such a light and glory" around the pleading few that some laughed, some fell, and others wept. "Victory!" shouted "good old Brother Dixon." Thenceforward conversions went on for weeks.

‘Northern Primitive Methodism’ by W M Patterson, published in 1909, p175.

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