Easington Lane Methodist Chapel - Casson (1828)

“Last Sunday we had a love-feast in Gateshead. It commenced after one o’clock, and the chapel was more than filled. No time was lost; often two or three were speaking together. I attempted to close the meeting about four o’clock with prayer; this increased the flame, and numbers cried aloud for mercy, and the chapel was not cleared till ten o’clock at night. About twenty souls got liberty, but it is impossible to ascertain the exact number. On Monday I preached twice in Durham Circuit, and not less than twelve got converted to God. Last Friday I was in Hexham Circuit, preaching twice for schools; we got both souls and money. But the most extraordinary season I have had in this country was about five weeks since, at Easington Lane, in the Sunderland Circuit. After the morning sermon, seven were converted at the prayer-meeting, before dinner. In the afternoon, we had three times as many people as the chapel would hold. I preached at the door and published for a prayer-meeting in the chapel. In a few minutes the chapel was quite full; the blessed work of praying with penitents began, and we were not able to conclude the meeting till nearly three o’clock in the morning. Even then, some began a prayer-meeting in the street. Many were aroused from their beds by sinners crying for mercy, and by this means were led to seek the Lord for themselves. Through the day and night, not less than three-score souls were brought to God. I left them the following morning. Every night that week they held meetings till near midnight, and even through the day. Women in different neighbourhoods meet for prayer. We had some of them at our love-feast on Sunday, who say that the work is still going on. May the blessed fire of love consume everything contrary to itself here, yonder, and everywhere. Amen!

Christianity in Earnest as exemplified in the life and labours of the Rev. Hodgson Casson by A. Steele, published by Simpkin, Marshall & Co., London, 1853, Chapter 7.

This is from theexcellent website 'Revival in the North-East of England', for more see www.vision.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/revival/cumhdgga.html

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This is where the chapel stood.

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