Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Chapel (1850)

Near to Haswell is the village of Sherburn Hill, with its beautiful surroundings. This is where Joseph Hall, of Murton Colliery, was twice-born, and he lovingly lingers over every episode and every sterling man connected with the early days of Primitive Methodism there. Fifty and three years ago Joseph was grandly saved, and rich has been his service for his Lord. William Robson raised a choir, which drew the people to the double-roomed cottage that had been secured from the late Lord Durham, and a revival followed, whole families being converted, the Mortons, the Suggetts, the Liddells, the Coxs, the Smiths, Pratt, Ritchie, and Hepburn, afterwards doing conspicuous service at home and in Australia. After the revival, a chapel was built, which has since been enlarged.

‘Northern Primitive Methodism’ by W M Patterson, published 1909, page 291.

Additional Information

I am assuming the revival was in 1850 because this church was built in 1851.

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