Flimby (1905)

Maryport, amongst other places, was strongly moved by the Ellenborough revival, and in November 1905, wonderful scenes were witnessed there during a mission. Workers from Ellenborough, Prospect, Flimby (at which there was also a gracious work), Aspatria, Crosby, and even Keswick surrounded the missioner (Mr Crewdson), and over 200, some of them from the lowest depths of Maryport, sought pardon. One night a man was at the communion rail who was said to have been the finest musician in Cumberland, but who had become so utterly degraded that even the publicans dared not supply him with drink, and no lodging-house would take him in. All this was an ethical work. Lives were reformed, homes were made beautiful, and debts were paid. Some of the converts have become local preachers, and one of them prepared himself for entering the ministry.

Reference to Flimby brings into view the devoted labour of William Wilkinson, through whom the village was re-missioned in 1859. A revival followed a cheerful society was gathered, and a chapel built in three years. Wilkinson was at the front of it all, and his reward has been the beautifying of many a life in the village sanctuary as the years have gone.

‘Northern Primitive Methodism’ by W M Patterson, published 1909, page 146.

Additional Information

Clearly, from what is written below there would have been a revival here in 1859 as well.

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