St David's Church Llanddewi brefi (1734)

When Rowland was ordained deacon by the Bishop of St David’s at Duke Street Chapel in London in 1734, he walked all the way there and all the way back! He was appointed curate at Llangeitho and Nantcwnlle. By this time his father had died and his elder brother had taken over these two parishes. The same year he married a local farmer’s daughter and lived on their farm for a year, until his brother married and moved away to Llanddewibrefi when he then moved into the vicarage at Nantcwnlle. At this time both he and his brother were unsaved. John was notorious for his drinking and Daniel for his levity and worldliness. However, thirty miles to the south was Griffith Jones who was trying to bring to salvation anyone who came within his orbit. His fame had spread and he preached to large congregations. John Owen wrote in 1818 on what happened to Rowland, “One time when he (Jones) was preaching in a churchyard, he saw a young man in the crowd, who appeared restless and rebellious. He observed him for a moment, pointed at him, and with an expression of general compassion, exclaimed, ‘Oh for a word to reach your heart young man!’ Soon it was evident that his restlessness had ceased, and he listened earnestly for the rest of the sermon; and who was this but Daniel Rowland.” It is believed that this happened in Llanddewibrefi. It is likely that Rowland sat under Jones’ ministry from time to time and he could not have had a better teacher. Rowland was ordained priest soon after this at Abergwili and he was ready for what God had in store for him. The timing all round was perfect as this was just when the Spirit of God began to blow on Wales.

Additional Information

It is here that it is believed that St David won a crucial debate at a Synod.