Daniel Rowland Preaching (1743)

Thousands came to hear Rowland preach here for years, especially for Association meetings when they also had the chance to hear other great preachers.

All through this time Rowland was preaching with enormous power and anointing. An Englishman heard him speak, not understanding a word of Welsh, he writes, “I heard much of him, but it could never have entered into my heart to conceive of the mighty energy and power that accompanied his preaching. His words did fly like darts.” Everywhere there were reports of the power and effectiveness of his preaching.

Rowland is still preaching powerfully, Howel Harris writes in September, “You would all wonder at what we daily see and hear. As for my part I can say I never had such power as I have now every day, mostly to preach. Whole multitudes are under concern. Many of them that were enemies of my doctrine, and way of preaching, do now experimentally understand what He enables me to deliver them from the pulpit. Some confess that they went from home on Sundays with an intent to go to another place of worship, but were, they know not how, carried to Llangeitho.”

Whitefield wrote on hearing Rowland, “The power of God at the Sacrament, under the ministry of Mr Rowland, was enough to make a person’s heart burn within him. At seven in the morning I have seen, perhaps, 10,000 from different parts, in the midst of the sermon, crying ‘glory,’ ‘praise,’ ready to leap for joy.”