Daniel Rowland's Birthplace (1711)

I do not know if the farm house has been re-built or just altered.

Daniel Rowland was probably born in 1711 at a house called Pantybeudy in Nantcwnlle. His father was an Anglican minister although probably not a very useful one. He was rector of Llangeitho and he was also in charge of three other nearby parishes and so was kept busy; he had to walk 18 miles each Sunday to cover his four parishes. As with John Wesley (see this website) Rowland was miraculously saved from death in his childhood. A large stone fell from the top of the chimney onto the spot where he had been sitting only minutes before. He went to school at Pontygido in Cardiganshire where he studied classics and later he went to HerefordGrammar School. As a young man he was good at all sports, active and energetic. Later his daughter described him as being short and having an iron constitution. Also, he never spared himself; he was a fast walker and very passionate.

Additional Information

Take the B4342 from Llangeitho and turn right after 2km towards Bwlchllan. Just before the village turn left down a short drive.