Daniel Rowland's Church (1734-1763)

When Rowland was ordained deacon by the Bishop of St David’s at Duke Street Chapel in London in 1734, he walked all the way there and all the way back! He was appointed curate at Llangeitho and Nantcwnlle. By this time his father had died and his elder brother had taken over these two parishes. The same year he married a local farmer’s daughter and lived on their farm for a year until his brother married and moved away to Llanddewibrefi when he then moved into the vicarage at Nantcwnlle.

In 1763 the bishop removed Rowland from his church. His followers were thought to be unameanable to Church discipline so he was no longer permitted to preach in the Church. As a result nearly the entire congregation left. The only person to remain was one of his own sisters. Sunday after Sunday, the Church was empty except for the new curate, the clerk and this one old lady.