John Wesley stayed here - Methrose (1755-1778)

This delightful Tudor Farm-house was where John Wesley would stay and hold meetings. He held meetings in the Barn, the dining room and the courtyard. He reports in his Journal on August 25th 1755 that on arriving in Cornwall he came to Luxulyan and 'between six and seven I preached in what was once the courtyard of a rich and honourable man, but he and all his family are in the dust and his very memory is almost perished. The congregation was large and deeply serious, but it was still larger on Tuesday evening, and several seemed to be cut to the heart. On Wednesday they flocked from all parts. And with what eagerness did they receive the word! Surely many of these last will be first.'

And on September 27th 1757, 'I have not seen so stately a room in Cornwall as either this hall or the chamber over it. The place likewise where the gardens were, the remains of the terrace walk, the stately trees still left, with many other tokens, show that grand men lived here once.'

Another part of the history of this place is that the mother of William O'Brien, the founder of the Bible Christians, used to come to these meetings and then walk home.

Additional Information

This farm is called Methrose or Medros.

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