John Wesley - Musselburgh (1751)

This is the first place John Wesley preached in Scotland.

From John Wesley's diary 24th April 1751.

We reached Musselborough between four and five. We had no intention to preach in Scotland, nor did I imagine there were any that desired I should. But I was mistaken. Curiosity (if nothing else) brought abundance of people together in the evening...they remained as statues from the beginning of the sermon until the end. April 25th. 'I preached again at six... I used great plainness of speech toward them; and they all received it in love: so that the prejudice which the devil had been several years planting, was torn up by the roots in one hour.'

The first Methodist Society was planted here after Wesley sent Mr Hooper to preach there for two weeks from the following week.

Additional Information

The map above is from 1853. It is possible that this was the school in 1751. The map is rather pale, but the road along the top is the High Street, and down the left- hand side is Newbeggings. The Borough School is marked as a small square set back from the High St and to the right of Newbegging.

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