Grace Murray - John Wesley (1749)

Grace Murray was appointed the housekeeper at the Orphan House in Newcastle in 1743. She nursed John Wesley through a serious illness; he wrote in his diary, "I observed her narrowly both as to her temper, sense and behaviour and loved her more and more." Although she came from the lower orders of society Wesley proposed to her in 1749. She was a very capable woman and would probably have made a good wife for him; certainly better than the lady he did eventually marry.

John's brother, Charles, was not happy with the idea of a marriage. He was probably concerned that John's attention would be deflected from the organisation that he was building. He immediately rode to Hindley Hill, where Grace was staying and persuaded her that marrying his brother would be a disaster for Methodism. He then accompanied her back to Newcastle and persuaded her to immediately marry another close friend of hers, John Bennet.

Wesley was desolate, writing a poem about his lost love.

Additional Information

The marker is on where I think the house used to be, but it looks very different from my visit. I think the current buildings have been developed by new owners. I was told that the house used to be situated half a house length out into the garden. Part of it would have been on the gravel and the garden.

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