George Fox's Vision (1652)

In 1652 Fox came to Pendle Hill and the Lord told him to go to the top of it. Once at the top the Lord showed him where he must go next in his ministry and he had a vision ‘of a great people, in white raiment, coming to the Lord.’ From here he went to Westmoreland and areas of Cumberland and Lancashire where he had great success in his ministry, with many joining him.

Additional Information

If you are going to climb Pendle Hill park in the car park in Barley. This costs £1 and there is a box laid out for payment. There is a cafe in the car park for refreshment either before or after your climb. If you are going up the easy route that takes about 2 hours, turn right as you exit the car park, walk along the Avenue and go over Cross Lane. You will see a lane in front of you that goes between some houses and there will be a gate in front of you. The walk starts on the other side of the gate. You will find the walk marked by signs with 'witches' on them. It is not advisable to make the climb when the clouds cover the hill which was the case when I visited. There is a coven in the area and on October 31st they hold a meeting on top of Pendle Hill to celebrate the death of the Pendle witches who were executed in 1612.