George Fox Baptised (1624-1647)

They were members of the Church of England and gave their son a good religious education. Fox was known as a serious boy who concentrated on religious subjects and made comments and observations that were thought, ‘beyond his years.’ Until 11 he had a basic education that did not go much further than to teach him to read and write and he spent most of his time reading the Bible. Following the truths of the Bible he wanted to live a pure and righteous life and some of his relations thought he should go into the Church but the decision was made for him to become a shoemaker and grazier. Much of his time was spent looking after the sheep and this suited Fox’s contemplative nature. As a young man Fox gave up his trade so that he could continue his religious studies and he spent a lot of time with the local vicar, Nathaniel Stevens, who thought very highly of his parishioner.

Additional Information

George Fox is bound to have sat on the Coffin Table during a service.