George Fox Beaten (1651)

As Fox went up and down the country preaching he did not ask for money from anyone as Quakers believe that ministers should earn money to keep themselves.

An example of how he was often treated was at Tickhill. Fox visited St Mary's and spoke to the Vicar and congregation as he usually did. They immediately attacked him, shouting 'Let us have him out of the church.' They hit him and kicked him, the clerk hit him so hard across the face with his Bible that the floor was covered with his blood. He was dragged along the street, through the mud, and beaten until he was covered with bruises.

Sometime later the Vicar and congregation were passing by Fox's meeting and the Quakers remonstrated to them about their behaviour. They listened to what the Quakers said and the Vicar stood there shaking. Fox, as usual, would not bring any charges against the mob.

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