George Fox in Derby Jail (1650-1651)

While in Derby in 1650 Fox spoke at an assembly, giving them some ‘home truths’ which resulted in his companion and himself being hurried off to the magistrates and imprisoned for six months on a trumped up charge of blasphemy. The companion recanted and was released. Fox stayed the full six months, after which the magistrates offered him a Captaincy in the army as some newly levied forces said they would only serve under Fox, but he refused and they put him in prison for another six months, this time with the common felons. Fox spent the time writing letters and ministering wherever he could, the magistrates releasing him finally in late 1651 without any trial.

You can see the 'Gayle' marked on the map as '14'.

I would like to thank the Local Studies Library in Derby for allowing me to use the map image.