George Fox Meeting (1652)

Fox came from Pendle Hill and visited Firbank Chapel where the numbers who came to hear him speak were so great that he sat on a rock outside the Chapel and preached for 3 hours. Some people were not used to hearing someone preach outside so they stayed inside the Chapel and watched him through a window. Many became Quakers at that meeting. Plaque. LET YOUR LIVES SPEAK HERE OR NEAR THIS ROCK GEORGE FOX PREACHED TO ABOUT ONE THOUSAND SEEKERS FOR THREE HOURS ON SUNDAY JUNE 13TH, 1652. GREAT POWER INSPIRED HIS MESSAGE AND THE MEETING PROVED OF FIRST IMPORTANCE IN GATHERING THE SOCIETY OF FRIENDS KNOWN AS QUAKERS. MANY MEN AND WOMEN CONVINCED OF THE TRUTH ON THIS FELL AND IN OTHER PARTS OF THE NORTHERN COUNTIES WENT FORTH THROUGH THE LAND AND OVER THE SEAS WITH THE LIVING WORD OF THE LORD ENDURING GREAT HARDSHIPS AND WINNING MULTITUDES TO CHRIST.

Additional Information

Leave M6 towards Firbank and go down Scotch Jeans (A684) until the junction with the B6255 (on right) and Shacklabank Lane. Turn left down the lane and go just over a mile until you see a clump of trees surrounded by a wall on your right. To the right of the trees you will see a plaque that marks the spot where Fox spoke to the 1,000 that gathered there. There was a Chapel in those days within the walls. The views are stunning.