Fortingall (1840)

There is unfortunately only a little of Macdonald’s diary still existing. From what there is it can be seen that he went to Breadalbane each year from 1835-7. Although things were much quieter than when he was there during the revival of 1816/7, there was still much evidence of the Spirit at work. Congregations were large and attentive. At Fortingall, the minister invited him to speak in his church. This was extraordinary considering the same minister, during the revival, had told him that he would never speak in his church. He spoke in the church on each visit, the church being packed on his third visit. This could have been the early signs of the revival that was to come in 1840.

William Burns, who was used to start the 1839 Kilsyth Revival, came to this area in 1840 to minister in the places where revival had taken place in 1816-9. He wrote '"I could have supposed that I had been in Breadalbane for a month instead of a week; the events that had passed before me were so remarkable and so rapid in succession. It had been indeed a resurrection of the dead, sudden and momentous as the resurrection of the last day."

See 'Scotland Saw His Glory', edited by Richard Owen Roberts.

Additional Information

I do not know where the revivals took place.