Balderton - John Smith (1827)

A visit paid by Mr. Smith to the Newark circuit in the year 1827, is perhaps also worthy of record. On the Sunday afternoon and evening, he preached the anniversary sermons for the chapel at Balderton, a village about two miles from Newark. On the former occasion, the congregation was so large, as to render it necessary i'or the service to be conducted in the open air. At the outskirts of tbe assembly, was a group of young men, who appeared to have come to scoff. Mr. S. addressed them in so solemn a manner however, that they were overawed, and induced to listen with attention to the sermon. One of them was cut to the heart by the truths which he had heard, and not long after, in a lovefeast at Nottingham, made a public profession of having obtained pardon for all his sins. At the tea table the same afternoon, at or about tlie time of taking tea, five persons entered into the enjoyment of peace with God. During the evening service, much divine power was present, but for some time it was resisted, and to use Mr. Smith's own words, " the struggle was awful." At length, seven were awakened, three of whom were set at liberty before the meeting concluded.

R Treffry's 'Life of John Smith' p259

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