Soham - Primitive Methodists (1832)

On the 10th of June, Mr Key preached at Soham for the first time. He began the service in the open-air; but as rain came on, he obtained permission to conduct it in a large dwelling house. After preaching about twenty minutes, the people began to be affected in a similar manner as those had been at Tuddenham, before described. Some fell down under their overpowering emotions, and others fled to the door in alarm. Several found peace through believing. Similar scenes were witnessed at successive visits which Mr Key paid to this place, where a large and flourishing society was established. He also preached with great effect at Ovington, Bawdeswell, Bodney, Leaming, and other places.

From, 'The History of the Primitive Methodist Connexion from its origin,' by John Petty, 1860, p241.

Additional Information

This church was originally built in 1841, so probably was birthed in these meetings.

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