Ewelme - Primitive Methodists (1834)

Mr Bishop and his colleagues were not less successful. Like their predecessors, they had to contend against "cruel and even brutal opposition;" but their Divine Master graciously sustained them, and rendered His word effectual in the conversion of many sinners. At a love-feast held in Wallingford chapel, on Christmas day, 1834, about thirty penitents came forward to be prayed for, of whom sixteen or eighteen professed to find the Lord to the joy of their souls. Another powerful love-feast was held at Ewelme, on the 9th of February, 1835, when numbers of mourners were comforted with the blessings of salvation. Many powerful meetings were held at other places, and week after week sinners were turned from the error of their ways and made happy in the love of God.

The preachers obtained permission to visit the workhouse at Wallingford and to preach to the inmates, by which great good was affected. A person of another community said, "The accounts given by the poor people in the workhouse, and in other depraved parts of the town and neighbourhood, are truly gratifying. The good that has been effected in their morals is great; the drunkard has become sober, the swearer now fears an oath, the lion is changed into a lamb, and where discord and misery reigned, now comfort, peace, and happiness prevail."

In March 1835, this branch or mission was reported as being very prosperous, the increase for the year being no less than 151 members. The good work continued to advance during the year, and the report for March 1836, says, "Through the blessing of God, our branch is in a prosperous state; the congregations generally are good, some of the societies are rising, and of late several sinners have been converted unto God."

From, ‘The History of the Primitive Methodist Connexion from its origin, by John Petty, 1860, p264.


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