Leicester - Primitive Methodists (1818)

The next morning we hoisted the Gospel standard in Belgrave Gate, and it is supposed that two thousand persons were gathered together on the occasion. — Wedgwood preached from Job xxii. 21, and I from Rev. iii. 20. Just as I was rising to address the congregation, a person whispered in my ear that an alderman and one of the magistrates were present; but I had no fear on that account. I felt my soul impressed with a consciousness of higher powers, the value of immortal soul, and the necessity of crying aloud and sparing not, regardless of the trifling distinctions of earthly rank and power. The multitude was exceedingly well-behaved, a deep solemnity reigned throughout, and all were as still and quiet as if we had been in a chapel. We terminated our proceedings about twelve o'clock, and at half-past one we held a prayer-meeting at a friend's house in Orchard Street. The gathering was very numerous; vast numbers stood outside. Many were powerfully affected and cried for pardoning mercy, and it was supposed that about twenty found the Lord. The prayer-meeting continued till six o'clock in the evening.

From, ‘The History of the Primitive Methodist Connexion from its origin, by John Petty, 1860. p61


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