Rothwell - J Entwisle (1794)

"Mon. 26. — Preached at Rothwell in the evening: the congregation was exceedingly large. The power of God rested on the whole assembly. We continued two hours in prayer after the sermon: many were in deep distress: strong cries and tears were offered up unto the Lord, and some burdened souls were enabled to rejoice. Oh, what a glorious work is the Lord working in this place! When I was walking from Mr N.'s to the chapel, the streets were crowded with droves of people, coming to hear God's word. I found it very easy to preach, and was exceedingly blessed and quickened. Thanks be to God.

From,’Memoir of the Rev. Joseph Entwisle: Fifty-four Years a Wesleyan Minister,’ by W Entwistle, 1848. p138.

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