Liverpool - Adam Clarke (1794)

"Upon the very commencement of my preaching in Liverpool," says he, "the Lord began to work. Crowds attended. Such times of refreshing from his presence I never saw. Should I die tomorrow, I shall praise God to all eternity that I have lived to the present time. The labour is severe; nine or ten times a week we have to preach. But God carries on his own work, and this is enough. My soul lies at his feet. He has graciously renewed arid enlarged my commission. All is happiness and prosperity. We have a most blessed work; numbers are added, and multitudes built up in our most holy faith. Such a year as this I never knew; all ranks and conditions come to hear us. The presence of God is with us; his glory dwells in our land, and the shout of a king is in our camp."

From, ‘The life of the Rev Adam Clarke’, by J W Etheridge, 1859, p137-8

Additional Information

I do not know which chapel he was in.