Harewood - Entwisle (1794)

"Wed. 18. — A day of much communion with God. Preached at Harewood in the evening. A barn was my chapel here again. The congregation was exceeding large. Few persons were left in their houses, and many came from neighbouring villages. It was a blessed season. In the middle of the sermon my own heart overflowed with love and joy, and it seemed to be the case with all the congregation. I went out of the common way and gave out two verses of a hymn in the middle of the sermon. It had a blessed effect. It is well occasionally to go out of the old beaten track. After preaching I was employed two full hours in speaking to persons newly brought to God, and giving them tickets. I joined ninety-seven new members to the society, most of whom, I trust, have a real work of grace upon their hearts. The Lord has made bare his holy arm in this place. Old men and children, young men and maidens are made to praise the Lord from a sense of his goodness to their souls.

From,’Memoir of the Rev. Joseph Entwisle: Fifty-four Years a Wesleyan Minister,’ by W Entwistle, 1848. p139.


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