Greetland Wesleyan Chapel (1792)

"Sun. 24, Greetland. — Much employed; having to preach three times, and give tickets to a large society: but the presence of God makes hard things easy. I have been much comforted by seeing the work of the Lord still going on, and sinners deeply humbled and penitent, flocking to Jesus. I saw that word exemplified to-day, ‘Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise.' A girl about twelve years old appeared to be thoroughly convinced of sin, and as sensible of her own utter depravity and helplessness, as most grown persons I have known. Many both young and old in this neighbourhood have received the word, not as the word of man, but the word of God with power. O blessed employment — to call sinners to Jesus! May my tongue, and head, and heart, and all be spent in so divine a service!

From, ‘Memoir of the Rev. Joseph Entwisle: Fifty-four Years a Wesleyan Minister,’ by W Entwistle, 1848. p

Additional Information

The chapel was built in 1797.