John Bunyan's Interrogation (1660)

In November 1660 Bunyan was asked to preach on a farm near Harlington and on his arrival he was told that a warrant had been issued for his arrest. His host wanted to cancel the meeting but Bunyan said, ‘No, by no means, I will not stir, neither will I have the meeting dismissed for this. Come, be of good cheer; let us not be daunted; our cause is good, we need not be ashamed of it; to preach God’s word…even if we suffer for it.’ At the start of the meeting two men entered and arrested him. The next day he was taken before the Justice of the Peace at Harlington House and then to Bedford Jail in Silver Street to wait until it was time to go before the Justice.

Additional Information

This house stands on the corner, is walled in and a private residence.