John Bunyan's Grave (1688)

Bunyan was released from prison in 1676 and the years until his death were spent writing and preaching all over the country. His gift of preaching came into its own, with sometimes thousands coming to hear him. In these years he wrote several books including ‘The Life and Death of Mr Badman’ in 1680; ‘the Holy War’ in 1682 and the second part of ‘Pilgrims Progress’ in 1684. These years were the most fruitful of his life but they came to an end in 1688 when he caught Pneumonia travelling to London in terrible weather. Although only 59 he was never very strong and the 12 years in prison would have taken its toll, not to mention the many years of working for the Lord. His last words were, ‘Take me for I come to thee!’ He is buried in Bunhill Fields, City Road, London.

Additional Information

As you walk into the graveyard from City Road you come to a small square in the middle and to the left you will see Bunyan's grave. The monument is a 19th century addition.