John Bunyan's House (1649-1654)

In 1644 John Bunyan joined the Civil War and it is believed that he joined the Parliamentarian forces. He was based in Newport Pagnell until he went home to take up Tinkering in 1647. It appears that in this time before he became a radical Christian, the Lord was protecting him from harm. He relates in his auto-biography ‘Grace Abounding’ that twice in his childhood he had accidents that could have resulted in his death and during the Civil War someone asked to replace him at a siege and this person was shot dead while on sentry duty. In 1649 he married and set up home in the High Street, Elstow until 1655; the building stood by what is now the St Helena Restaurant.

Additional Information

You will see a plaque to the right of the driveway into the car park of the Restaurant.