Gravel Lane Wesleyan chapel - Bramwell (1817)

The improvement he witnessed in the society was considerable. Everywhere there was a 'work,' and sometimes 'a glorious work;' scarcely a night was spent in town or country without seeing 'effects.' More than once, as many as twenty souls were installed in the family of Christ at a single meeting. And in the course of a few months, 'some hundreds were added' to the fraternity.

From, ‘Memoir of the life and ministry of William Bramwell by William Bramwell and his family, published in 1848, p136.

The inhabitants of Manchester, Salford, and Pendleton, remember many of those seasons, with a mixture of the most exalted feelings. Those of Barton will never forget the last love-feast which Mr Bramwell held among them when upward of thirty souls were set at liberty. On that occasion he informed me that for nearly two hours he did not know whether he was in the body or not.

From, ‘Memoir of the Life and Ministry of William Bramwell, by James Sigston, published in 1836, p295.

Additional Information

Bramwell was here for the last year of his life, and yet again he stirred up revival.

The church was built in 1787 and closed in 1968.

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