Eyam (1795)

This is a bit of a cheat because it is not an account of a revival, but because Eyam was part of the Sheffield circuit and the whole circuit was in revival, I am sure revival would have touched this village; especially after what happened there.

'A poor woman in our Society, who had several children, and had been quite blind for six years...cried to God that he would be pleased to show her some way by which she might get bread. He heard her prayer, and miraculously opened her eyes, to the wonder of all. Her children ran into the street, crying out, "Mother can see! Mother can see!" and her house was immediately filled with people, who joined with her in thanksgiving. Her eyesight still continues clear. O God, what canst thou not do!'

From, ‘The Christian Minister in Earnest’, by Thomas Harris, published in 1847, p51-2.

Additional Information

This is a very rare account.

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