George Yard Wesleyan Chapel - Bramwell (1804)

"I have had three weeks of agony, but now see the Lord working. I have not preached lately without seeing some fruit of my labour. The Lord is saving souls. O that nothing will hinder!"

From, 'A Memoir of the Rev William Bramwell', by Thomas Harris, p112.

Additional Information

Chapel lies between High Street and Lowgate, nearly opposite the Town Hall. Originally built in 1786. It is a spacious brick edifice, with stone dressings, lying lengthwise towards the street, and having a line of seven windows in the upper story. The first Hull theatre stood on the site of this chapel. The congregation, once large and wealthy, is now considerably reduced, owing to very many of its members having gone to reside in the newer suburbs.

In 1851 it seated 1,060. It was closed in 1905 and demolished soon after.

Goerge Yard was not where it is today, it was off Lowgate, Clarence Street did not exist.

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