Carville Wesleyan Chapel - Bramwell (1815)

From a letter dated October 1815.

'The Lord poured out his blessing in our first love meeting. Six or seven entered into liberty. I received this from my heavenly Father, as a token for good. In our second love-feast, none but the society were admitted. It was quite crowded, although held a few miles from Newcastle. At the beginning, all were quiet, and in considerable suspense for about an hour. But in an agony of prayer, suddenly the power of God came upon us all. Conviction was general; there were cries for mercy in every direction. I never was able to preserve greater order, and yet not fewer than thirty persons were set at liberty. This work continued about two hours, and I never witnessed greater glory. I have seen a number saved the last week in different places, and I hope the work will go on: for, I do assure you, we need it at Newcastle and in the circuit. Pray, pray! and may the Lord hear you! Amen! '

From, ‘Memoir of the Life and Ministry of William Bramwell, by James Sigston, published in 1836, p285.

Additional Information

I believe the chapel was in this street, but I do not know where.

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