Howel Davies 2nd Chapel (1763)

Newchapel takes its name from the chapel that stands on the main road - not exactly 'new' for it dates from 1763. It was named Newcastle to distinguish it from the first Methodist chapel built in south Pembrokeshire at Woodstock, near Haverfordwest, nine years earlier. Both causes came into being through the powerful preaching of the Rev. Howell Davies, known as 'the Apostle of Pembroke'. Woodstock was too long a journey for the growing body of believers from north Pembrokeshire, so Howell Davies had a new chapel built for them. It is said that one day when Howell Davies was out riding with his friends, he saw a good area of flat ground and said, 'This is the spot where I shall have the second meeting house', and he threw his riding crop to mark the spot. The chapel is simple, plain and austere and is built in the traditional Welsh chapel style with the pulpit between the two front doors.

It is amazing to think that such a small chapel became the preaching centre for some of the greatest evangelical preachers of the eighteenth century awakening. George Whitfield, the Wesleys, Howell Harris and Daniel Rowland all preached here, while the seraphic David Jones of Llangan preached his last sermon at Newchapel. A young student from Carmarthen walked thirty miles to hear Daniel Rowland at Newchapel. That young man, Thomas Charles, never regretted that journey for he was converted during the sermon. He writes in his diary: 'A day much to be remembered by me for as long as I live. Ever since the happy day, I have lived in a new heaven and a new earth. That sermon remained upon my mind for above half a year.' Howell Harris left his mark upon Newchapel. On a warm summer afternoon he preached standing at an open window of the chapel, to a congregation of between 2000 and 3000 people. During the sermon his attention was taken by a youth, sitting on the outside wall, openly ridiculing him. Harris directed his remarks to him with such power that the young man fell off the wall in a fit to the floor below.

Thanks to the Evangelical Movement of Wales for this information.

Additional Information

This is a very beautiful Chapel and it must have changed very little since it was built. Even the candle holders remain.