St Dubricius Church (1611-1638)

William Wroth (1576-1641), was Rector of St Dubricius Church from about 1611. In 1633, King Charles I reissued the Declaration of Sports that listed the sports that were permitted on Sundays. Wroth refused to read this out to his congregation as he beleived that no sports should be played on Sundays. The Bishop tried to get Wroth removed from his church. Wroth continued to preach and gather followers. His preaching was so popular that people travelled from many counties to hear him, and it became necessary for him to preach in the churchyard because the parish church was not large enough. Wroth either resigned or was ejected from his church, so he set up the first Welsh Independent church down the road in 1638. Wroth died in 1641 was buried at Llanvaches.