Allendale Town - Christopher Hopper (1747)

"At the end of July 1747, I had an invitation to preach at Allendale Town. A great congregation attended that behaved well and heard the word gladly. The latter end of December I visited Allendale again. A glorious work broke out. The Lord stretched out His hand to save sinners. Mr Topping, minister of that place, used all his art, power and influence to stop it, but he could do nothing. His strength was perfect weakness against the Lord. 

I went from town to town and from house to house, singing, praying and preaching the word, and great multitudes followed from place to place; weeping and seeking Him that was crucified. Great numbers were awakened and found peace with God, through the blood of the Lamb."

'The Lives of the Early Methodist Preachers' by Thomas Jackson, Volume 1, page 197/8/ 


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