Birstall Methodist Chapel2 - Bramwell (1812)

Meanwhile his public and private intercessions — his sermons in the pulpit, and his struggles in the closet — were producing their wonted effects. Not only was his own life 'continual prayer,' but others were earnestly solicited to aid him in procuring for the circuit a second visitation from the Holy Spirit. The rain soon descended anew: the societies drank in the refreshing streams; and in some parts especially the desert began to blossom again as the rose. On Christmas-day (1812) fifty new converts, or thereabouts, were publicly enrolled in the connexion; and the ceremony was performed in Birstal chapel with great solemnity. At the commencement of the following year (1813), he states that upwards of a hundred had been added during the last quarter; in the summer, the number of new disciples had risen to between 300 and 400, and amongst these were many influential individuals, and, in some cases, nearly whole families.

From, ‘Memoir of the life and ministry of William Bramwell' by William Bramwell and his family, published in 1848, p124.

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