Templecorran Church - Edward Brice (1613)

Edward Brice was born approx 1569 and he went to Edinburgh University, graduating in 1593. He became minister of Bothkenner in 1595 and Drymen in 1602. In 1607 he bitterly opposed the appointment of Archbishop Spottiswood who was a lackey of Laud and king Charles. Spottiswood removed him from his ministry in 1613 for alleged adultery. He then went to Ulster, being appointed minister at Templecorran. He was the first Presbyterian minister to come to Ulster.

Brice was involved in the 1625 Six Mile Water Revival. In 1636 he was banned by Bishop Leslie from ever preaching in the diocese again; part of the persecution of the Episcopacy against Presbyterianism. He did soon after and is buried at Templecorran.

The following was written by John Livingstone.

Mr Edward Brice, minister at Bredisland (Ballycarry), (who had before been minister somewhere beside Dumbarton,) an aged man that came not much abroad; one who, in all his preaching, insisted most upon the life of Christ in the heart, and light of his Word and Spirit in the mind, that being his continual exercise.