Oldstone - James Glendinning (1625)

James Glendinning was the minister of Carrickfergus, the largest town in the North of Ireland at that time. He was a man of limited gifts, so Robert Blair advised him to move to a country parish; advice which he took, so he went to Oldstone near Antrim. He preached the law and the wrath of God if the law was broken, and a writer of the time commented that this was about all he was capable of preaching. Not on the face of it a very good mix for the Lord to pour out His blessings, but pour them out He did in 1625. (I believe that when the atmosphere of revival is present subjects can be preached which would not be successful at other times.) ‘Multitudes’ became convicted of their sin through his teaching, with ‘a dozen in one day carried out as dead.’ The preaching of the law opened peoples eyes to their sinfulness, with many crying out ‘what must I do to be saved?’ Many lay on the floor, convicted of their sin, but not knowing how to find Jesus.

Fortunately, the neighbouring ministers were skilled at preaching the Gospel and they came to help. At this time the Antrim Monthly Meeting was created. All the ministers came, including Glendinning, who remained until ‘he was smitten with a number of erroneous and enthusiastic opinions, and embracing one error after another,' ended by setting out 'on a visit to the Seven Churches of Asia.'