Rogart Parish Church (1744)

I have also enquired into the state of the religious concerns in the parish of Rogart, adjacent to this: and by the report I had, find, that in the year 1740, there were sixteen persons awakened in that parish; that the aforesaid sixteen, with a few other serious persons, felt themselves, in the years 1741 and 1742, fallen under sad decays of soul, and observed, that others in the parish were remaining under their former stupidity; that thereupon they had associated for prayer, and at their meetings mourned and wept over the causes of the Lord's withdrawing from their own souls, and prayed earnestly for powerful days of the Son of Man; and that in the years 1743 and 1 744, especially the former, there were about sixty more of the people awakened, and that they are in a hopeful way. [From Mr Sutherland's Letter, dated Golspy Aug. 8th, 1745. Robe's Monthly History for 1745. No 3. page 130, &c.]