Alness (1744)

I see mention made in the same number of your History, of some other parishes in this Synod, as Nig, &c. I doubt not you'll have more distinct information sent you, of what of the Redeemer's grace and power is appearing there, and at Rosekeen and Killimuir. I have heard likewise comfortable accounts in the same kind of the parish of Logie (whose worthy minister is lately called home). All these are in the presbytery of Tain. I have also had very agreeable accounts of the success of the gospel in the parishes of Alness and Kilearn in the presbytery of Dingwal. In this presbytery of Chanry, there is at Cromerty a good number of lively, solid, and judicious Christians gathered in, by the ministry of their godly and judicious, and now aged pastor, Mr. George Gordon, and their number has considerably increased of late. The work of the gospel is likewise advancing in Kirkmichael, where I am informed there were sixteen new communicants admitted at the last communion there. I hear likewise of some promising stir beginning in the parish of Avoh. R. and D. S. &c. John Wood.

[From Mr. Wood's Letter of the State of Religion in the Parish of Rosemarky, May 1st, 1744. Robe's Monthly History for 1744, N ° 6. p. 47, &c.]