Robert McCheyne - Last Sermon (1843)

He returned on March 1st, feeling very tired, but healthy. He continued his ministry in the usual way, including visiting some who had caught Typhus. On the 12th he preached on the Sovereignty of God in his Church and in the evening he preached at Broughty Ferry. These were the last times he was to preach. Just as his first sermon resulted in salvations, so did his last. After his death an unopened note was found from someone who was at Broughty Ferry. "I hope you will pardon a stranger for addressing to you a few lines. I heard you preach last Sabbath evening, and it pleased God to bless that sermon to my soul. It was not so much what you said, as your manner of speaking that struck me. I saw in you a beauty in holiness that I never saw before. You also said something in your prayer that struck me very much. It was, ‘Thou knownst that we love thee.' O Sir, what would I give that I could say to my blessed Saviour, ‘Thou knowest that I love thee.’”