Robert McCheyne - Divinity Hall (1831-1835)

On entering Divinity Hall McCheyne was considering religious matters more intently, but he would still go out and do things he regretted; at least for two years he did. Excerpts from his diary show his state of mind. "Dec. 9. A thorn in my side much torment." As the unholiness of his pleasures became more apparent, he writes: "March 10th, 1832 I hope never to play cards again." "March 25th Never visit on a Sunday evening again." "April 10th Absented myself from the dance; upbraidings ill to bear. But I must try to bear the cross." Some years later he wrote, "March 11th, 1834 Read in the 'Sum of Saving Knowledge,' the work which I think first of all wrought a saving change in me. How gladly would I renew the reading of it,' if that change might be carried on to perfection He went into the ministry because his dear brother had hoped, before he died, that his younger brother would become a minister of Christ. However, by the time he finished his studies, he had a passion for Christ and a passion to win souls, both of which he did not have when he went to Divinity Hall.