Margaret Lauchlison and Margaret Wilson (1685)

The children of a farmer called Wilson, living near Wigtown, who with his wife had regularly attended the curate's services, objected to follow the course taken by their parents, and were obliged to leave their home and join the persecuted Covenanters in the mountains. Margaret, the eldest of them, was only eighteen years of age. Venturing into Wigtown, she was staying with a pious old woman, Margaret M'Lauchlan, when both women were informed upon, and were brought before Lagg for trial. They were charged with having been at conventicles, and when the proof failed they were required to take the abjuration oath. On refusing to do so, they were sentenced to death by drowning in the Blednoch river. The older woman was tied to a stake nearer the advancing tide than that to which Margaret Wilson was bound. Undeterred by the sight of her friend's dying struggle, the young woman persisted in her Christian confession. She still refused to take the oath, and calmly waited till the advancing waters rose over her head.

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