Lambeth - J Entwisle (1832)

A general improvement in the state of the circuit greatly cheered his spirit and called forth expressions of gratitude to God. Thus on the 6th of May, he writes: "Sun. evening, Walworth. Gal. vi. 14, and Sacrament. The chapel crowded with attentive hearers. Great numbers attended the table of the Lord. what a blessed change in this place! O what love, union, prosperity. I found it good to be there."

"Sun. June 17. — A full day. The Lord was with me all day. Met the Local Preachers at eight. At half-past ten, read prayers and preached at Lambeth to a very large and attentive congregation. At half-past two, met classes at Lambeth. At six, preached at Southville, and met the society. Returned home tired, but very happy in my work. More and more are added unto the Lord. To Him be all the glory."

From, ‘Memoir of the Rev. Joseph Entwisle; fifty-four years a Wesleyan Minister, 1848, P463.

Additional Information

The chapel was built in 1808 and destroyed in the Second World War.

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