John Elias' Grave (1841)

Elias was never truly well again after he fell from a carriage onto his head in 1832. It took several months for him to recover, but he was left with a nervous complaint, occasional giddiness and a stiff hand that restricted his writing. His final illness began after speaking at the Association at Llanerchymedd in 1840. A friend who often visited Elias in his last days said, “The state of Elias’ mind is very comfortable, and at times even ecstatic. One night when in great pain, he felt so happy, that he thought he was in heaven.” He was confined to bed for the last three months of his life. He was so aware of his unworthiness and wished that he had done more for his Saviour. He died in June 1841. There was a funeral procession from Fron to Beaumaris, which at its end numbered about 10,000. All vessels in the port had their flags at half mast; every shop in the town was closed and all the blinds of the houses were down.