John Elias at Beaumaris (1809)

The Beaumaris Association meeting of 1809 took place 'in the open street, close to the Bull Hotel'.

Additional Information

John Elias was staying at the Old Bull Inn during the 1809 Beaumaris Association meeting. 'It was customary for professors on those occasions to hold family worship in every house in which they were stationed, punctually at 9.00 o'clock in the evening. Mr Elias was then entertained at the Bull Hotel, and at the above hour, was performing devotional duties in the large front parlour, which was crowded. While engaged in prayer a gun was discharged near the window, which was open! Elias himself was greatly alarmed by the report of the gun: I was close by his elbow; he looked towards the window through which the smoke was coming into the room, and uttered the following words very feelingly; 'O Lord have mercy upon thine enemies! Save thine enemies!' Having concluded, a hymn was given out to be sung, during which the host entered, requesting that that part of the worship should be dispensed with to oblige him, as it appeared to irritate the passions of a gentleman in the hall. This request was immediately complied with. This gentleman was the same that fired at the window; having just returned from field sports in company with others: discovering what was going on in the parlour, he discharged his fowling-piece at the window. Its muzzle, however, was directed upwards.'