Howell Harris - Lleyn (1741)

This meeting was attended by a vehicle full of people from Rhydyclafdy, who reached [=?got back to] the village at about 3 o'clock in the morning. They made the driver halt by the chapel, and they all got out to hold a prayer meeting beside the stone on which Howell Harris had stood to preach on his first visit to Ll?n. Harris was at that time suffering injuries as a result of persecution, and the preached from a stone near the church. Rhydyclafdy Methodists have displayed excellent zeal by insisting that this stone be moved and carefully placed in a prominent position in front of their chapel, on a stone plinth, with an inscription showing that it was from this stone that the seraph of Trefeca preached on his first visit to Ll?n. I will give the inscription at the beginning of the next article. How blessed it was to see the young men and women of Rhydyclafdy on their knees at three o'clock in the morning around this stone, which is looked on as the church's most sacred possession. There was a spirit in this meeting that broke into great rejoicing.


Additional Information

Inscription on the stone in English - 

'From this stone, near the church of this parish, Howel Harris preached his first sermon in Lleyn on his first visit to the area, at about 2 o'clock on Monday 2 February 1741. His text was 'Thy Kingdom Come.'